Sunday, May 3, 2009

Discussion #11

During the video I felt a sense of unity as many people all over the world came together to join in on the dancing. It made me smile to see all of these different people dance, laugh and have fun in different locations. It made me want to dance! I also felt joy and hope because dancing is something many can relate to and brings people together. Even though the video was shot in different locations it all feels like one joyous place for self-expression through an art like dancing. This is probably why it resonates with so many people. The video inspires joy and hope to those who watch it through people coming together to experience the joy in movement.

The arts seem to be a human universal because it allows creative expression. People can express their life or emotions in various ways through the arts. A lot of times I see the arts impact emotion. They can bring about various emotions and vice versa. I guess this can integrate with culture by allowing people to use the arts to creatively express what their culture is about or their feelings and emotions. We see cultures use art for emotional purposes when they sing songs to help them through hard times or when people create and write plays through their own emotional life experiences. We can also understand and see variations in cultures by their different techniques in paintings or different movements in dance. Additionally, the arts not only help develop people's individuality but they also help in other areas of life. It can influence people to become more creative in developing new technologies or improving/solving issues and problems. Overall I think art is an important aspect of a culture and contributes to a good balance in life.

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  1. Great discussion- particularly enjoyed your comment about Matt's dance and the capacity of the arts to bring us into a sense of unity.