Sunday, March 1, 2009

Discussion 3

Roots – God, respect, trust, hard work, kindness, love and care.

Trunk – dance, sing, sports, cook/bake, play instruments, over think, silly, shy, religious, honest, friendly, loving, helpful and thoughtful.

Branches – Asian, female, young adult, Roman Catholic, Middle Class, student

I don’t think my values or actions connect to the labels because those labels don’t define who you are as a person or people. Being Asian doesn’t make you a person that values this or does that. There are many young adult, Asian, female, Roman Catholic, Middle Class students but none of them are exactly the same. Values and actions differ around the world and can change as we grow so it’s very difficult to connect them with labels.

Who Are My People?
My people can be this or that
We vary as individuals
But we all share a common bond
We are Filipino.

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  1. Great discussion of values/actions being interrelated, but disjointed when it comes to labels, which tend to group people together in ways that cover up inherent diversity.